30 – 100kWe WKK           Efficiency >38 %

“Small scale CHP” Gas engines completely constructed with engine and a Leroy or Stamford generator mounted on a frame. Control panel with touchscreen and TODO for heat recovery. The CHP features an acoustic enclosure. These sets are produced by Tuxhorn Blockheizkraftwerke GmbH in Germany. Powered by AGCO

150 – 250kW                     Efficiency >42 %

“Gas Line” Gas engines completely constructed with a Stamford generator mounted on a frame. The gas line features a COMAP control with panel and motorised GCB. These generator sets have all the necessary certificates to be able to run grid-parallel. Powered by SCANIA.

500 – 2000kW                   Efficiency >45.4 %

Last year, Siemens proudly introduced a new series of gensets. A complete new model with a capacity of 2MW and an electrical efficiency of 45.4% is a valuable addition. Powered by Siemens


  • BIOGAS STORTGAS SYNGAS LPG as fuel, we offer a solution.
  •  Simple integration through 3D blueprints, manuals, and test certificates.
  •  Low maintenance costs thanks to premium engine brands and original high-quality components.
  •  Our own developed main control. Remote access is standard.