Using a gasifier, it is possible to convert various types of biomass into usable fuel for combustion engines. The conversion is very effective, allowing twice the amount of energy to be derived from the same amount of biomass with the same input. For example, using the digestate from an existing fermenter, extra ‘syngas’ can be extracted by means of a gasifier.

As for the input, a gasifier is very flexible. A gasifier can also be used to convert co-flows of inferior quality into gas, in addition to manure and corn. Now, wood, reed and grass can also be converted to gas.

An important component of a gasifier is the gas cleaning module. This serves to remove undesirable tar, dust and water.

The Hydrogen percentage is often higher compared to natural gas, which means that the knock resistance is lower. The energy content per m3 gas is also often lower. This means that the engines used will have to be adapted. We have gained the necessary experience with this in the past few years and can offer reliable solutions from 50kW to 5MW.