Our catalytic converters are ideal for stationary engines of 30 – 2000 kW. Often these catalytic engines are used in combination with (bio)gas engines and diesel engines. Applications are often CHP systems in greenhouses. Biogas systems in agriculture and various generator sets in industry.

The high-quality catalytic converters and soot filters have low maintenance costs. The counter pressure is also low, allowing them to also be used in existing applications.

  • Reducing NOx emission. Ask us about our SCR installation.
  • Reducing CO or Formaldehyde emissions. Ask us about our OxiCat.
  • Reducing Soot emission. Ask about our DPF.
  • Reducing emission of your stoichiometric engine. Ask us about our 3-way catalytic converter.


We would like to receive the following information from you to give you a good advice.

  • Application
  • Engine brand and type
  • Capacity
  • Emission gas flow
  • Emission gas temperature
  • Maximum counter-pressure
  • Fuel
  • Rough emission
  • Desired emission

Include your responses to the above questions in your request and we will send you a non-binding bid.