Landfill UK

The Scania biogas engines we possess meet all requirements we pose upon them, says Steve Hartley, Project manager at Renewable Power from England.

In 2009, Scania Power interviewed Steve Hartley where we discussed the Scania SGI-12, which runs on Landfill Gas very efficiently. You can read the entire article here. (link)

In subsequent years, this engine has proven exceedingly reliable, and in the Scania magazine this year, it was published that the same engine, now 8 years later, has no less than 66,000 hours of operation, with yet the same crankshaft, bearings, liners and pistons. The cylinder heads have been replaced in the meantime. (link to article.

At the moment, Renewable power has various SGI-12 engines with many hours of operation, but also the SGI-13, which was introduced three years ago and has shown exceptional efficiency, is also proving reliable when running on landfill gas.

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