Energy Decentral 2018

Meet LouwSon Energy at Energy Decentral 2018

With a few more weeks to go, LouwSon Energy is pleased to announce its participation in the Energy Decentral in Hanover. This international trade fair for the innovative energy supply offers experts and investors an extensive overview of products and services in this dynamically growing market. Energy Decentral has established itself over the years as the most important platform for decentralized energy systems.

In cooperation with her partner Sandfirden Technics for Industrial Gas Products in Germany,  LouwSon Energy will show a complete GasLine gas generator set. This GLC 621 C generator setwith a power output of 250 kWe is perfectly suitable for application within the German flex regulation and is fully BDEW certified. The reliability and high efficiency of 44% of the SGI-13 gas engine ‘powered by Scania’ is unrivaled.

This SGI-13 ‘powered by Scania’ gas engine is the basis for the new type SGC-13. At the beginning of this year, Sandfirden Technics introduced this 100% gas engine with air-to-air intercooler as a replacement for the 12-liter dual fuel SGI-12 gas engine. The new SGC-13 is interchangeable one-on-one with the existing dual fuel SGI-12, delivering the same power with only one fuel. Without the diesel consumption the SGC-13 has a much higher overall efficiency. The costs will be much lower.

Let us inform you about the possibilities at our stand 24A11.

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Used Gas Engines

Our extensive network has a global reach…

All of our partners are trusted and endorsed by us and we have a long history together managing used assets.

Unlike other “exchange networks” we actively work with both seller and buyer by arranging visits, offering upgrades, and managing logistics to make the process easier, clearer and more secure for all parties.

Our network, our knowledge and our dedication give you a single, high-quality solution in a complex international marketplace.

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World Biogas Expo 2018

LouwSon Energy to showcase new range Biogas engines and gensets at UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018

With just a few weeks to go until the world’s biggest anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas event hits the NEC Birmingham, LouwSon Energy is delighted to announce it will be showcasing its new range biogas engines & gensets on stand F301

Helping AD operators grow their business
UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018 (11th-12th July), is the leading global marketplace for anyone involved in the biogas industry to network and do business. With new opportunities emerging for the AD sector, visitors to stand F301 can learn how  LouwSon Energy’S engines & gensets and smale scale CHP units are providing a new standard in efficiency and reliability.

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association, who are organising the expo in partnership with the World Biogas Association, said: “LouwSon Energy’s smale scale CHP units are vital for helping to develop the wider AD and biogas industry, and we encourage visitors to the expo to visit LouwSon Energy’s stand to see how they can help you get the best out of your biogas plant.”

Insight, innovation and investment
As well as a busy exhibition hall, UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018 is the only AD event to feature a FREE two-day conference and seminar programme. Across more than 25 sessions, key themes such as agriculture, food waste management, funding, and biomethane for transport and heat will be debated by leading industry figures including Dr Alan Whitehead MP (UK Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister), Dr Oliver Quast (UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), Patrick Serfass (American Biogas Council), Dr Jonathan Scurlock (National Farmers’ Union) and David Newman (World Biogas Association). The event will also see the launch of a landmark global food waste management report, feature a start-ups and innovation presentation area, play host to dozens of FREE one-to-one advice clinics and, of course, celebrate the industry’s highest achievers with the AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony 2018. Download the brochure at

FREE registration now open
Whether you’re an AD novice or a biogas expert, the event brings together thousands of biogas professionals to see the latest industry products, services and technological advances, learn about recent market and innovative developments, and hear from AD experts and government officials. Register today for FREE at

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Manure fermentation with simple reliable CHP

For some time now, developments are underway to switch from the traditional co-fermenter with corn to a smaller fermenter based solely on manure. Requirements for such a system are of course robustness and user-friendliness, despite the low capacity. The required CHPs have to run all year round, and have many hours of operation. Based on AGCO engines, the Tuxhorn firm from Germany is producing a CHP system which is exceptionally suitable for “small-scale biogas”. The following types with corresponding capacity are available.

Type      Engine                                  Capacity              Heat      Electrical/Total efficiency

B30S      AGCO 4.4L                           30kWe                 50kWth                33.7 / 90 %

B50S      AGCO 7.4L                           50kWe                 85kWth                35.1 / 92 %

B100S    AGCO 8.4L Turbo             100kWe               156kWth              35.9 / 92 %

Due to their high efficiency and proven experience with biogas, the AGCO engines from Finland are exceptionally suitable for this application. Even with CH4 value <40%, these engines have already shown more than 30,000 operation hours. Since these are true industrial engines, it is possible to draft an effective and preventive maintenance schedule. The end-user benefits from this though lower costs and a higher reliability.

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8 years of landfill gas, Energy from waste

The Scania biogas engines we possess meet all requirements we pose upon them, says Steve Hartley, Project manager at Renewable Power from England.

In 2009, Scania Power interviewed Steve Hartley where we discussed the Scania SGI-12, which runs on Landfill Gas very efficiently. You can read the entire article here. (link)

In subsequent years, this engine has proven exceedingly reliable, and in the Scania magazine this year, it was published that the same engine, now 8 years later, has no less than 66,000 hours of operation, with yet the same crankshaft, bearings, liners and pistons. The cylinder heads have been replaced in the meantime. (link to article.

At the moment, Renewable power has various SGI-12 engines with many hours of operation, but also the SGI-13, which was introduced three years ago and has shown exceptional efficiency, is also proving reliable when running on landfill gas.

Link to reference list of Renewable Power Systems

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For a couple of years, we have been closely involved in the replacement of existing biogas engines with modern technology in various European countries. The efficiency of existing biogas installations is improved by the application of Scania SGI-13 gas engines with an efficiency of over 44 %.

In the field, there are still many of these so-called dual-fuel engines. In this technology, diesel injection is used to ignite gas in the combustion chamber. Replacement by 100 % gas engines enables a € 25,000 – € 100,000 reduction of diesel costs – depending on the size of the installation. The dual-fuel engines often no longer meet the currently applicable emission requirements.

In addition to improving the efficiency, modern technology also produces lower emissions. The SGI-13 gas engines have a low NOx emission, and combined with an OxiCat, the formaldehyde emission is < 20mg . The Scania gas engines meet the current European guidelines which enter into force in 2019.

Would you like to save on service costs, biogas AND diesel consumption? Ask us about the possibilities:

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