Specialist in gas engines, gas generator sets and catalytic converter systems for applications in horticulture, utility (CHP), agriculture (biogas), LNG and gasification projects.

Products in a wide capacity range with a high efficiency which meet the strictest environmental requirements. Gas as a basis for the production of electrical power, heat, and cooling. New developments wherein efficiency and emissions are becoming increasingly important and energy can increasingly be put to good use. CO2 saving is becoming increasingly important.

Engines and generator sets of 30 – 2000kW of a premium brand with the highest efficiency. These engines are suitable both for both high-end and low-end industry, and due to the way these engines have been put together, they can run at full capacity with minimum maintenance costs.

Already more than 50 % are used in energy-neutral projects. We have ample experience in the field of Biogas, (BIO)LPG, Landfill Gas & SYNGAS. We engage in projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland, Germany and Italy.


Our extensive network has a global reach. All of our partners are trusted and endorsed by us and we have a long history together managing used assets.





For a couple of years, we have been closely involved in the replacement of existing biogas engines with modern technology in various European countries. The efficiency of existing biogas installations is improved by the application of Scania SGI-13 gas engines …

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Landfill UK

The Scania biogas engines we possess meet all requirements we pose upon them, says Steve Hartley, Project manager at Renewable Power from England.

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