For some time now, developments are underway to switch from the traditional co-fermenter with corn to a smaller fermenter based solely on manure. Requirements for such a system are of course robustness and user-friendliness, despite the low capacity. The required CHPs have to run all year round, and have many hours of operation. Based on AGCO engines, the Tuxhorn firm from Germany is producing a CHP system which is exceptionally suitable for “small-scale biogas”. The following types with corresponding capacity are available.

Type      Engine                                  Capacity              Heat      Electrical/Total efficiency

B30S      AGCO 4.4L                           30kWe                 50kWth                33.7 / 90 %

B50S      AGCO 7.4L                           50kWe                 85kWth                35.1 / 92 %

B100S    AGCO 8.4L Turbo             100kWe               156kWth              35.9 / 92 %

Due to their high efficiency and proven experience with biogas, the AGCO engines from Finland are exceptionally suitable for this application. Even with CH4 value <40%, these engines have already shown more than 30,000 operation hours. Since these are true industrial engines, it is possible to draft an effective and preventive maintenance schedule. The end-user benefits from this though lower costs and a higher reliability.