Meet LouwSon Energy at Energy Decentral 2018

With a few more weeks to go, LouwSon Energy is pleased to announce its participation in the Energy Decentral in Hanover. This international trade fair for the innovative energy supply offers experts and investors an extensive overview of products and services in this dynamically growing market. Energy Decentral has established itself over the years as the most important platform for decentralized energy systems.

In cooperation with her partner Sandfirden Technics for Industrial Gas Products in Germany,  LouwSon Energy will show a complete GasLine gas generator set. This GLC 621 C generator setwith a power output of 250 kWe is perfectly suitable for application within the German flex regulation and is fully BDEW certified. The reliability and high efficiency of 44% of the SGI-13 gas engine ‘powered by Scania’ is unrivaled.

This SGI-13 ‘powered by Scania’ gas engine is the basis for the new type SGC-13. At the beginning of this year, Sandfirden Technics introduced this 100% gas engine with air-to-air intercooler as a replacement for the 12-liter dual fuel SGI-12 gas engine. The new SGC-13 is interchangeable one-on-one with the existing dual fuel SGI-12, delivering the same power with only one fuel. Without the diesel consumption the SGC-13 has a much higher overall efficiency. The costs will be much lower.

Let us inform you about the possibilities at our stand 24A11.